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Matt Le Tissier is a footballing legend known for his exceptional skill and goal-scoring ability. Born on October 14, 1968, in Guernsey, Le Tissier spent all of his professional career playing for Southampton Football Club in the top flight of English football.

Le Tissier’s career spanned from 1986 to 2002, during which he became renowned for his remarkable technique, vision, and ability to score spectacular goals. He possessed incredible dribbling skills and a unique style of play that made him a fan favorite and earned him the nickname “Le God” among Southampton supporters.

Le Tissier won the PFA Young Player Of The Year award in 1990 and remains to this day the only Southampton player to win their Player Of The Season award 3 times. He was also the first midfielder to score 100 premier league goals

Throughout his time at Southampton, Le Tissier consistently showcased his brilliance on the field. He possessed a natural talent for scoring goals from various positions, often producing stunning strikes from long range or executing audacious chips and volleys. His ability to create opportunities out of seemingly impossible situations was a testament to his exceptional footballing intelligence and creativity.

Le Tissier’s loyalty to Southampton was evident as he rejected several offers from top clubs, choosing to remain with his beloved team. Despite Southampton’s occasional struggles in the league, he remained a shining star and played a vital role in keeping Southampton in the top flight.

In addition to his club achievements, Le Tissier also represented the England national team. However, his international career was limited, and he earned only eight caps for his country. Despite this, his skill and influence on the pitch were undeniable.

After retiring from professional football, Le Tissier transitioned to punditry and became a familiar face in the world of football broadcasting. His insightful analysis and honest opinions have made him a respected figure among football fans.

He also became a fierce critic of government covid policy in recent years and his views saw him attacked by the mainstream media and was sacked by sky sports. However he stood firm in the face of these attacks and has seen the support for his stance grow as the truth starts to emerge about what really went on in government during the covid fiasco.

He’s also tried to give a voice to the vaccine injured and is a staunch advocate of freedom of speech and bodily autonomy.

Nowadays Matt is a regular on the after dinner speaking circuit where he has earned a reputation as a very funny and reliable anecdotal speaker , a contributor to GB News with his social commentary and a football pundit on Indonesian tv with Mola.